Panel Upgrades & Home Rewiring

Electrical Panel Upgrades in Venice, California

Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical System

With Panel Upgrades, Additional Outlets, New Wiring, and Any Electrical Project To Improve Your Home

Home safety is crucial, especially when dealing with electricity. Our electrical upgrade service team can safely bring your home’s electrical system up to code and we may even find ways even to lower your electric bill through our electrical safety inspection!!

If you’re looking to add more outlets to your home, set up outdoor components such as garden or security lighting, or simply make your home more energy efficient, you can count on Alan Goldberg Electric!

  • Energy efficiency to help reduce your electric bill.
  • Add additional outlets to any room in your home.
  • Upgrade service panel to 200amp to accommodate new large appliances such as electric ovens or air conditioners
  • Add outdoor electrical components like speakers, outlets, garden and hot tub outlets, or security lighting.
  • New additions, basements, mechanical room and garage wiring.
  • Update old wiring to meet the needs of a new home owner and code requirements.
    This often means replacing existing wiring throughout the home with new, safe options.

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